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Wireless Feedback

[Image: Wireless Feedback]

Wireless Feedback is the feedback mode of Wireless SendMail.

WAP/WML does not provide a technique to send a feedback to the content or service provider who offers WML decks on his server. Since Wireless SendMail is already an e-mail service within the WAP world it can also be used for this kind of feedback. The Wireless SendMail WML deck in the feedback mode does only present the fields From, Subject and Body to the user. The content provider pre-sets the addressee's and/or the carbon copy e-mail addresses in the corresponding <go>-task.

Wireless Feedback supports several languages. The language is selected with the primary language tags as defined in ISO 639. The language tags are added to the URL with a minus sign. The following languages are currently supported:

Language Tag URL Translator
Bulgarian bg //webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f-bg Pavlin Stojchev
Dutch du //webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f-du Ruud Menken
English en //webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f
French fr //webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f-fr Philippe Mieybegue
German de //webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f-de  
Hungarian hu //webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f-hu ZaZa
Italian it //webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f-it Bruno Motta
Lithuanian lt //webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f-lt George
Spanish es //webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f-es Lucas Wall
Swedish sv //webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f-sv Pia Jönsson

If your language you wish to use is not in this list and you would like to translate the Wireless Feedback's text messages then send an e-mail to Contact with a short note.

If you are interested in offering this WebCab.de service in your WML decks you only need to contact the WebCab.de information desk.

A working example can be found in:

URL: //webcab.de/smfm.wml

Your WML code might look like the following code:

<setvar name="a" value="My Title"/>
<setvar name="b" value="My body text"/>
<setvar name="c" value="info@mycompany.com"/>
<setvar name="f" value="enter your address"/>
<setvar name="h" value="http://www.mycompany.com/help.wml"/>
<setvar name="p" value="My Company Name"/>
<setvar name="s" value="My subject: "/>
<setvar name="t" value="webmaster@mycompany.com"/>
<setvar name="u" value="http://www.mycompany.com/"/>

For a detailed description of all variables, see Wireless Feedback Variables.

A second solution is based on templates and a single configuration file which will be adapted according to your design rules by WebCab.de. The templates are stored on WebCab.de's server. WebCab.de itself uses this solution for its feedback forms in all WML decks. The code might look like:

<go href="//webcab.de/cgi-bin/sendmail.cgi/f35?r=0" method="post">
<postfield name="s" value="Any%20subject:"/>

This solution requires to be provided free of charge that the WML deck which is displayed after sending the e-mail contains the following footer text:

Powered by WebCab.de.

"WebCab.de" in the footer is linked to http://webcab.de/i.wml.

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