German Tutorials


Your Needs

You would like to:

  • communicate with potential or existing partners in their mother-tongue,
  • service the market in its local language,
  • gain insight into local business habits & customs,
  • be familiar with local rules & regulations,
  • understand & read about local trends, innovations & market developments,
  • localize, customize & translate online/offline marketing material,
  • build & maintain successful intercultural business relations.

No matter what your needs are - my services will be right on target!

My Goals

As a native German speaker, I offer:

  • the choice for each client to either take individual private lessons or group-sessions,
  • lessons that are geared towards the respective needs of the customer,
  • study material that covers the clients' specific business needs & goals,
  • hours according to the clients' demands,
  • a study schedule that suits your schedule,
  • intercultural communication: combining linguistics, psychology and business.

No matter what my goals are, your needs will be fulfilled.

  Reaching out

Learning a language means reaching out.

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