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What is Intercultural Communication?

Intercultural Communication is a rather complex, diverse and broad field. In order to simplify its explanation and narrow it down to a few points, below are my own thoughts on what I believe some of the most important features and components are.

  • the interaction and communication between culturally diverse people
  • the attempt to speak "the other person's" language
  • the adaptation of our communicative techniques to the background of the audience
  • the awareness of diplomacy and negotiation techniques that are accepted in the other culture
  • the apprehension that negotiation is an exercise in language and communication
  • the attempt to create shared understanding
  • the knowledge of what certain key words and terms imply

Why invest in IC?

  • adapting to global workplace diversity
  • engaging in creative problem solving
  • enhancing intercultural relationship satisfaction
  • gaining intercultural communication flexibility
  • deepening self-awareness
  • creating an open-minded approach to "the other, the different"
  • changing one's attitude and adapting new skills

Basically, any time language is being used, culture enters the picture, and major challenges are ahead of us. My services are aimed at minimizing misunderstandings and at maximizing profitable, long lasting inter-human & cross-cultural relations that are built on shared understanding, flexibility and open-mindedness.

  Embracing "the other"

Learning about another culture means embracing "the other".

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