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Why One-on-One Sessions?

When deciding to learn a language, it is important to be able to learn this language properly, efficiently and also in a timely manner. Therefore, it is of great relevance to be aware of the personal goals one has prior to engaging in any language related commitment. These specific goals will then determine:

  • the level one wishes to achieve

  • the time frame in which one intends to attain that certain level

  • the topics one pursues to cover in the sessions

  • the environment one wishes to study the respective language in

  • the time one has available for studying that specific language

  • the flexibility one needs to fulfill the aspired goals.

One-on-one sessions with a private tutor will address all of the above to an utmost extent. The individual student is the primary client - the tutor is the personal guide. And this 100% of the time.

  • the specific level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) can be determined and managed together with the tutor right from the first session. All following sessions will build on that objective.

  • based on the chosen level, a manageable and realistic time-frame will be laid out, based on the student's objectives, deadlines, commitments, exams, etc.

  • as part of the time frame, the specific topics will be addressed and then implemented. Study material will be provided accordingly.

  • the environment and set up of a one-on-one session will allow each individual student to have 100% priority all the time.

  • the student's time available can be easily matched with the tutor's schedule; and that on a weekly basis, if needed.

  • the flexibility to implement an intensive course spontaneously and to re-arrange the initial schedule is given at all times.

One-on-one sessions might be the ideal choice for you and your needs!

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