1.1. Network capabilities

By Thomas Wierlemann

Table of contents

1.1.1. GSM CSD
1.1.2. GPRS
1.1.3. HSCSD
1.1.4. Conclusion

For wide area mobility (mobile cellular networks) there are mainly two available technologies: GSM Phase 2 Circuit Switched Data (CSD) bearer service and GSM Phase 2+ General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) bearer service. Former CSD bearer service was already available some years ago, whereas the latter GPRS bearer service is just being deployed by GSM network operators all over Europe. The main difference between these two technologies is the data transport mode. The GSM cellular network, being primarily voice oriented, utilize circuit switching technology and, therefore, is optimised to isochronous data traffic conditions, whereas the innovative GSM GPRS bearer service employs packet switching technology and is ideal for asynchronous data traffic conditions like web browsing.

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