1.2.1. Introduction

By Rainer Hillebrand

A wide range of mobile devices are on the market, that are shipped or will be shipped in the near future with web browsers. The different device classes are [2]

Even if Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) capable mobile phones and PDA already have a high penetration rate especially in Europe, we may assume that web browsers have also a high potential in the market share. The success story of NTT DoCoMo's i-Mode service in Japan is such an example for smart devices with web browsers.

As described in [3], there are several common hardware restrictions in mobile devices. The major characteristics are as follows:

These restrictions have to be taken into account in designing the user interface for mobile devices, as well as creating mobile-friendly Internet and Intranet web applications.

Some authors point out that we will get rid of these restrictions in the future but the development of desktop computers goes on in parallel. Therefore, we can assume that mobile devices will always have limited capabilities in comparison to desktop computers.

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