The DPWeb WWW browser by Digital Paths can only be used in conjunction with a proxy server called DBWeb Server Application operated by Digital Paths. The service is available for the Palm organizers and WAP mobile phones using the UP.Browser. A limited service is available for Psion and Windows CE devices.

The user must start his journey to the WWW at http://www.digitalpaths.net/. He enters the URL of the web page of his choice and hits the "Access" button. The URL is sent by the user's browser to Digital Paths' proxy server. The proxy server retrieves the HTML page, transforms and reformats it and sends it to the user's browser.

DPWeb does not support Java, Javascript, SSL and cookies. Forms are not supported on WAP browsers.

Source: http://www.digitalpaths.com/prodserv/dpwebdx.htm

Copyright © 2001-2003 by Rainer Hillebrand and Thomas Wierlemann