Multiple windows

The Pocket Internet Explorer cannot handle multiple windows. As a result if the "target=_new" is used with the <A> tag it does not open a second window as the browser on the desktop would do. However, the "target" attribute can be used to direct to a named frame. This attribute is also supported by the <AREA>, <BASE> and <FORM> tags. Any other specified target (i.e. "Target=_new", "Target=foo") will be ignored by the Pocket Internet Explorer.

The Pocket Internet Explorer does support _top and _parent, it does not support _self or _blank. The target can only be a named frame that already exists or a supported special value. Any other targets will cause the Pocket Internet Explorer to omit the TARGET attribute completely and the browser will not execute any navigation.

The browser supports the TARGET attribute on AREA, BASE, and FORM tags as well.

Copyright © 2001-2003 by Rainer Hillebrand and Thomas Wierlemann