Tips from other sources

[1]: "Minimize Page Length - Handheld computers restrict the amount of screen space available to an application, so, when developing applications for small screens, keep in mind that horizontal/vertical scrolling is not always the best solution. Instead, consider providing quick drill down navigation via hypertext links that easily and intuitively allow you to navigate forward and backward."

[1]: "Avoid Clutter - Designing a quality layout for handhelds requires you to channel some creativity into planning for economy. If you are used to building extravagant sites with wild colors and patterns splashed across the desktop, you will undoubtedly find the small screen a frustrating environment. Try to avoid graphics that reduce readability, while providing access to useful, concise and elegantly organized information. Use graphics that fit into one screen (to avoid sometimes annoying scrolling images) and use images compatible with your display capability (e.g. 1 bit, 2 bit, full color)."

[10] : "Create documents that do not rely on one type of hardware. Pages should be usable by people without mice, with small screens, low resolution screens, black and white screens, no screens, with only voice or text output, etc."

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