Forms design for the Pocket Internet Explorer

As it was discussed in the HTML tags section above, the maximum width of a Pocket Internet Explorer page should not exceed 240 pixels. This guideline has a special meaning for Form elements, like <INPUT TYPE="TEXT"> or <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON">, as the Fit to Window option does not work with these elements. Consequently, Form elements are never shrunken by the Pocket Interrnet Explorer to fit the width of the screen. Which means, the user has to use the horizontal scroll bar to view the whole Form. Causing a immense degradation of the usability of the web page and the Form element, itself. This is especially annoying for e-commerce customers which would have to scroll horizontally to enter their credit card information or to deal with the shopping cart. Therefore, input controls should be placed in separate lines instead of going horizontally. The fields should be limited to the small screen area. If a picture of the product is presented as well, the description of the product should be placed below the picture and not next to it.

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