Background sound

The Pocket Internet Explorer does support background sounds (BGSOUND Attribute). The support of audio formats is restricted to WAV files, which usually takes up a lot of load on the transmission link. Therefore it is recommended to use sounds sparingly and limit the use of sound effects to a minimum. In the special case of wireless connections the use of background sounds should be avoided completely. In this case the use of background sounds leads to long downloading times, due to the limited bandwidth of the wireless link, which would cause a severe usability degradation of the web page.

To minimise the download time for background sounds developers sometimes use the LOOP attribute, which creates a permanent background by downloading a sound file once and playing it again and again. This could be a method to avoid a usability degradation of the web page in a wireless scenario, however, this method can not be applied for the Pocket Internet Explorer as it does not support this attribute.

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