2.4.5. Guidelines for applets and scripts

By Rainer Hillebrand

Well, it's a question of simplicity. If you want to develop one web application or one set of web pages for all types of mobile devices you need to find the minimum common set of capabilities that is supported by all kinds of mobile devices. As we have already pointed out in Chapter 2.3 "Browser capabilities" scripting languages and Java applets are not supported by all browsers for mobile devices. This means, that you shouldn't rely on computing power in the user's mobile device. You need to develop web applications that are responsible for the whole user inputs and the creation of textual and graphical output. There is no functionality in the mobile to perform some dynamical tricks using JavaScript for instance. Even if you rely on client side scripting languages your web pages must be accessible if the user agent doesn't support this language.

If you take the rule of the minimum data volume over slow connections into consideration then you should try to avoid the transmission of any useless code in your web pages. Therefore, we propose:

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