2.5. W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in practice

By Rainer Hillebrand

Table of contents

2.5.1. General
2.5.2. Tables
2.5.3. Forms
2.5.4. If all else fails

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines by the W3C (see [10]) are general guidelines for on-line publications that shall be accessible by people with disabilities. This means, that publications like web pages shall be accessible by people with all kinds of user agents like common desktop computers with graphics browsers, voice browsers or text readers and also but not only cellular phones with text browsers and small displays. Since we only consider mobile devices with textual or graphical user interfaces in this book, we can skip some guidelines and checkpoints that are irrelevant.

The guidelines are organised in topics and by their priority. Each guideline may comprise one or more checkpoints. We have sorted the guidelines according to their main topic like "general", "tables" and "forms" and their priority from one to three.

Copyright © 2001-2003 by Rainer Hillebrand and Thomas Wierlemann