Organize documents so they may be read without style sheets

Checkpoint 6.1

"For example, when an HTML document is rendered without associated style sheets, it must still be possible to read the document." [10]

"Provide a text equivalent for any important image or text generated by style sheets (e.g., via the 'background-image', 'list-style', or 'content' properties)." [13]

"Ensure that important content appears in the document object. Text generated by style sheets is not part of the document source and will not be available to assistive technologies that access content through the Document Object Model Level 1 [...]." [13]

"Rules and borders may convey the notion of 'separation' to visually enabled users but that meaning cannot be inferred out of a visual context.

Use these CSS properties to specify border styles:

Authors should use style sheets to create rules and borders." [13]


"Using the positioning properties of CSS2, content may be displayed at any position on the user's viewport. The order in which items appear on a screen may be different than the order they are found in the source document." [13]

If you use absolute or relative positioning in your style sheet you must insure that the content's structural order in the document must still be valid without the style sheet.

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