Divide large blocks of information into more manageable groups where natural and appropriate.

Checkpoint 12.3

"The following HTML 4.01 mechanisms group content and make it easier to understand:

All of these grouping mechanisms should be used when appropriate and natural, i.e., when the information lends itself to logical groups. Content developers should not create groups randomly, as this will confuse all users." [13]

Due to the limited set of XHTML Basic and HTML Strict elements only a subset of the previous elements should be used for mobile browsers. These are:

"When links are grouped into logical sets (for example, in a navigation bar that appears on every page in a site) they should be marked up as a unit. Navigation bars are usually the first thing someone encounters on a page. For users with speech synthesizers, this means having to hear a number of links on every page before reaching the interesting content of a page. There are several ways to allow users to bypass groups of links (as users with vision do when they see the same set on each page):

" [13]

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