Create a logical tab order through links, form controls, and objects.

Checkpoint 9.4

"Although it is possible to make most content accessible, it may happen that all or part of a page remains inaccessible. Additional techniques for creating accessible alternatives include:

Here are two techniques for linking to an accessible alternative page:

" [12]

"Keyboard access to active elements of a page is important for many users who cannot use a pointing device. User agents may include features that allow users to bind keyboard strokes to certain actions. HTML 4.01 allows content developers to specify keyboard shortcuts in documents via the "accesskey" attribute.

<a accesskey="C" href="doc.html" hreflang="en" title="XYZ company home page">XYZ company home page</a>

" [13]

The next "[...] example assigns "U" as the accesskey (via "accesskey"). Typing "U" gives focus to the label, which in turn gives focus to the input control, so that the user can input text.

<form action="submit" method="post"> <p> <label for="user" accesskey="U">name</label> <input type="text" id="user" /> </p> </form>

" [13]

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