Chapter 3. Best fitting document type

By Rainer Hillebrand

Table of contents

3.1. Introduction into HTML 4.01 Strict
3.2. Introduction into XHTML™ Basic
3.3. HTML vs. XHTML in general
3.4. HTML 4.01 Strict vs. XHTML Basic

What is the appropriate document type for mobile browsers? Well, the answer depends on your strategy how to handle very different browsers of any age. If you want to publish your web site in a single document type we would need to find either the minimum set of elements and attributes that are supported by all browsers or you optimise your web pages only for some browsers using more elements and attributes than the minimum set. If you need to support special elements and attributes for systems like AvantGo and Palm Web Clipping then you cannot care about W3C's document type definitions. On the other hand, you still need to decide if you want to use an HTML or XHTML document type.

Nevertheless, we want to help you in this chapter to approach the answer. Before we go into detail of the pros and cons of HTML 4.01 Strict and XHTML Basic and the choice between HTML and XHTML, we introduce both document types.

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