5.1. Printing and storing of web pages

Mobile devices usually do not support to locally store or to print out web pages. Therefore, the only possibility to store or print web pages is to store or remember the URL in order to revisit the web site with a desktop computer. This is not really cool.

A few web sites provide the forwarding of web pages via e-mail. It is an excellent service for mobile devices. You can enter your e-mail address in a web form and send the data to the server. The server processes the data and sends the web page with its URL to your address.

In order to entirely load this web page in another web browser including all its objects like graphics and valid hyperlinks, the web page should contain absolute URL.



Otherwise, the browser will show broken links to unloaded graphics, for instance.

If you want to provide such a service on your web site, you might consider to give the choice for three send options:

The third option requires a filtering process that filters all HTML elements and replaces character entities by ASCII characters.

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