We started to write this book with Microsoft Word 2000 in the hope to be able to convert it to XML. However, it seems to be a rumour that Word 2000 as well as FrontPage 2000 support XML. Therefore, we had to search for another word processor with built-in XML support. After testing almost all XML editors, we have found Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 Service Pack 3. Most XML editors are good tools for pure data XML files, but not for book authoring.

The DocBook XML 4.1.2 is the DTD we use as a formal XML grammar. It is an excellent DTD for authoring. Norman Walsh and many others have written an appropriate set of XSLT style sheets to convert a DocBook XML file to HTML or XHTML. If you are familiar with XSLT, you can customize the templates for your own needs like we have done it. Rainer Hillebrand has included the following features:


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