Revision History

0.6, 2002-03-14
- The Chapter on usability guidelines has been enhanced but is not finished yet.
- The web goodies for mobile browsers have been updated.
0.5, 2001-05-25
- New chapter about special web site services for mobile devices
- The "References" page has been splitted in smaller and mobile device friendly chunks
- The Chapter about JavaServer Pages™ has been enhanced
0.4, 2001-05-19
- The table of contents is now mobile device friendly. The full table of contents can be requested via a separate hyperlink.
- New help file for the search engine
0.3, 2001-05-13
- Search engine implemented for full text search in the whole book,
- Subscription form implemented for e-mail updates mailing list,
- A separate revision history page is now maintained
0.2, 2001-05-08
- Table of contents added in the appendix,
- Minor layout changes,
- Keywords and descriptions added for search engines
0.1, 2001-05-07
- First public release as the worldwide first on-line book published in XHTML Basic

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