1.3.4. Browsers for Windows CE

By Thomas Wierlemann

Table of contents MIME types Security types URL types Scripting languages HTML and Object Model Reference Detecting the Pocket Internet Explorer on the web server Features of the Pocket Internet Explorer More information

The Internet Explorer for Pocket PC (hereafter called Pocket Internet Explorer) is the default web browser which is shipped with the Windows CE Platforms Pocket PC and Handheld PC. Since the first launch, four major Versions of the Pocket Internet Explorer have been released. These are the Pocket IE 1.x, the Pocket IE 2.0, the Pocket IE 3.0 for H/PC Pro (based on Windows CE 2.x), the Pocket IE 3.0 for PPC, and the Pocket IE 4.0 H/PC 2000 (based on Windows CE 3.0).

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