Text in graphics

Text in graphics has some disadvantages:

The browsers' common font size configuration has no influence on the font size in the graphics. Therefore, people with visual disabilities have difficulties to read this text.

Depending on the screen resolution, small text may be hardly to read. Therefore, text in graphics should have a relative big font size.

The more objects are embedded in a web page the more time it requires to completely load a page. Even if a graphic with some text is only some hundred bytes big, it is some hundred times bigger than the pure text inside the web page. Due to the latency of cellular mobile systems, it takes some more time to retrieve all objects of a web page. Each object needs to be separately requested by the browser. Therefore, a user browsing the web with a browser in a mobile device requires web pages with as less objects as possible. If you can avoid graphics with text by replacing them with text inside the web page, you should do that.

See also "Optimum font size"

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