2.4.4. Guidelines for images

By Rainer Hillebrand


No animated images

No image maps

[1]: "Watch The Size -- When choosing images for use on devices, it's important to remember the size of the display. For example, the actual size of the PalmPilot connected organizer screen is 160x160 pixels, while Windows CE-based devices can be up to 640x480. Some software can scale images to fit inside the viewing area, but scaling reduces the quality of many images, so you generally should avoid using images wider than the handheld's viewing area. Use "large" images sparingly and only when appropriate, as they not only consume screen real estate, they consume synchronization bandwidth."

[1]: "Chose Contrasting Colours -- The original colour scheme of an image also plays an important role in the way it is rendered on the handheld. For example, the process AvantGo employs is to convert colour images to black and white ones on images that have a high contrast ratio between colours and that have crisp edges in the details of the picture. Images that are anti-aliased, or smoothed out, do not usually convert well. It is usually a good idea to stick to graphics that are primarily black-and-white when using handhelds, as it can be hard to predict how dark certain colours will turn out, and to avoid graphics with lots of curved lines."

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