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Two new services: Account Manager and Wireless Home

WebCab.de has worked hard in the last weeks to present you two new services.

  1. Account Manager (http://webcab.de/am.htm, http://webcab.de/am.wml)
    The WebCab.de Account Manager is the central place where you can administrate your personal account, which is valid for all personal WebCab.de services. The following administration functions are provided:

    Change E-Mail
    The e-mail address which is accompanied with your account can be changed.

    Change Password
    If you prefer to set another password you can set any password which consists of four to ten characters. The following chararcters are allowed: 0-9, a-z, A-Z.

    Delete Account
    Your account and all your personal WebCab.de services will be deleted with this menu option. There is no way for you to recover your account. You would need to request a new account.

    New Password
    A new password will be sent to your e-mail address which is accompanied with your account. If you should have forgotten your password you can request a new one.

    Request your personal account which is valid for all personal WebCab.de services.
  2. Wireless Home (http://webcab.de/wh.htm)
    You don't longer need to care about how to create a WML deck and who could host it. Everything is solved with WebCab.de's Wireless Home. You can on-line create and edit your WAP home page with your WWW browser without any knowledge of WML and MIME types.
    After you have created your WML deck you can change any part of it later. If you use WebCab.de's personal WAP and WWW service "Bookmarks Everywhere" the URL of your Wireless Home will be added to your personal bookmark list.
    If you select the option "Link on your name to Wireless Feedback" then your visitors are able to send you an e-mail using WebCab.de's WAP service "Wireless Feedback".
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