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Wireless Feedback can support many languages

Wireless Feedback can now support any language. The URL for the german version looks like:


The last two characters determine the language according to the primary language tags as defined in ISO 639. The currently available languages are English and German. English is the default language. French and Spanish are in progress. Since there are a lot of languages on the world we kindly ask for volunteers who are willing to translate the messages of Wireless Feedback. If you would like to contribute you could send me a short mail so that I can send you the english or german version of the messages. Your name will be listed as the translator in the list of supported languages.

WebCab.de is also going to include the option into the WAP hosting service "Wireless Home" to select the language for the link on your e-mail address. This means if you have published your Wireless Home in Swedish you could then select the swedish version of Wireless Feedback. There won't be a language change between your Wireless Home and Wireless Feedback. Is there a swedish native speaker on the mailing list?

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