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New service: Wireless Cruiser Lite

WebCab.de has yet introduced another free WAP service: Wireless Cruiser Lite ( http://webcab.de/wcl.htm ).

The Wireless Cruiser Lite (WCL) is a WWW browser for WML pages (WML decks). You don't need to install any piece of software to browse the wireless world of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

The WCL does not support all features of WML but it is excellent to sail to WAP sites which don't need the capability to enter characters. One of the major reasons of this limited functionality is the limitation of the XML::XSLT module (see CPAN). This module is still an alpha version and does not support all features of the XSLT recommendation.

The WCL uses XML techniques like an XSLT style sheet and an XML parser to convert a WML deck into HTML for your WWW browser. This means, that the WML decks need to be well formed (i.e. correct syntax, correct character encoding). Therefore, the WCL is not error tolerant.

In order to help other WAP developers to understand XSLT and how to deal with WML, WebCab.de has published the source code of the XSLT style sheet which is used for the conversion from WML to HTML. You can download it free of charge from http://webcab.de/wclsource.htm .

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