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Two new and one revised services

It's again time to introduce new WebCab.de services and features.

  1. Wireless Vote
    Wireless Vote now supports to set the character set to be used by the WAP gateway and WAP browser. You can select one of twenty character sets which are applied to the XML declaration in the WML decks. One example: if you use German umlauts somewhere in the WML decks of your Wireless Vote form you should select the ISO-8859-1 character set.
  2. WAPstacles: The most often existing obstacles to a faultless WML deck.
    WAPstacles provides solutions for the most often existing mistakes in WML decks. Its not an FAQ but a FMM: Frequently Made Mistakes. Its time to help all WAP developers and authors to avoid these mistakes. Therefore, WebCab.de has opened its treasury full of proven solutions.
  3. Verify my XML
    Do you know if your applications create valid XML documents? Or do you know if you WML decks are valid according to the rules in the WML DTD? You can already check the syntax of XML based languages with our tool "Fetch Page". But this doesn't mean that the rules of DTD have been checked. Therefore, we have developed the new tool "Verify my XML". "Verify my XML" is an XML validator. If an external DTD is declared it retrieves the DTD from this external source. But what happens if the output format of your application depends on the HTTP headers User-Agent or Accept? Well, you can tell "Verify my XML" to exactly send these HTTP headers like a lot of well known WWW and WAP browsers. It is the same feature like in "Fetch Page".
    "Verify my XML" allows you to read the source code of your XML document including the line numbers. So you know which XML document has been verified.

Are you interested to test our new services? Then go to:

  WAPstacles: http://webcab.de/wapstacles.htm

  Verify my XML: http://webcab.de/vmx.htm

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