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Fetch Page supports Basic Authentication and suppresses Redirection

WebCab.de has implemented two new features into the on-line testing tool "Fetch Page".

  1. Basic Authentication

    A complete server, a directory or a file on a server might be access protected by an account. If Fetch Page sends an HTTP request to such a server without the account the server will respond with the code 401 which means "Unauthorized". Then you need to provide the account consisting of the user name and the password. Fetch Page automatically fills in the input fields "Network Location" and "Realm" taking the information from the server into account.
  2. Without Redirection

    Fetch Page can directly follow the redirection information which the server sends. If the server sends the HTTP response code 301 or 302 together with the HTTP header "Location" Fetch Page processes these information so that it may actually send several different requests. If you select the option "Without Redirection" Fetch Page will only send a single request.

Would you like to test the new features now? Then you could use the following link:


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