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New service: WML Deck Size Checker

WebCab.de has introduced another helpful WAP service for WAP developers and interested WAP users: WML Deck Size Checker (WDSC).

WAP browsers and WAP gateways might have limitations in the maximum deck size to be loaded. They might have a limit of about 1400 Bytes of the tokenized WML deck.

The WDSC's ASCII WML decks need to be tokenized by your WAP gateway. The size of the tokenized WML decks may vary and will not be presented to you by the most WAP browsers.
The WDSC's tokenized WML decks do not need to be tokenized by your WAP gateway. Therefore, the size of the tokenized WML decks will not be changed by your WAP gateway.
If your browser can successfully retrieve the tokenized 1300 Bytes WML deck but fails to retrieve the 1400 Bytes WML deck then there is a limit between 1300 and 1400 Bytes.
WebCab.de has created the tokenized WML decks with the Nokia WAP Toolkit 1.2.

If you want to check your WAP browser now, then you should go to:


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