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WWMM better supports mobile devices

WebCab.de has implemented some new features in World Wide Mobile Mail (WWMM) to improve its use in mobile devices.

  1. WWMM's WML version already supports to view chunks of big emails in smaller WML pages. This feature is now also supported in the XHTML Basic version. Even if an email consists of thousands of characters, it can be comfortably read in a mobile web browser over slow wireless networks.
  2. If mobile browsers support XHTML tables, the inbox with its five columns doesn't need to be best viewed in devices with a low resolution. This is the case in Pocket PC devices like the Compaq iPAQ, for instance. Therefore, WWMM allows you to choose a tabular or textual inbox layout. Pocket PC users should choose the textual layout.
  3. The XHTML Basic version allows you to read HTML attachments by extracting the pure textual information of the HTML pages.

If you want to test WWMM's new features, just have a look at:


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