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Major enhancements of WWMM

WebCab.de has implemented many new features in World Wide Mobile Mail, the free web and WAP service to read and send e-mails wherever you are and whichever browser you use. The new features are:

  1. Carbon Copy (CC) and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) e-mail addresses
  2. Multiple e-mail addresses in the To, CC and BCC input fields
  3. Phrases and comments as parts of an e-mail address, like:
    "Firstname Lastname" <myaddress@test.com>
    "Lastname, Firstname" <myaddress@test.com>
    Name <myaddress@test.com>
    Name <myaddress@test.com> (Comment)
    "Firstname Lastname" <myaddress@test.com> (Comment)
    ...and many more (RFC 822 compliant)
  4. A much better support of all kinds of MIME message types including multipart/* and message/rfc822 to be viewed in a web or WAP browser
  5. An e-mail to be forwarded will now be attached as an inbound e-mail (MIME type message/rfc822) keeping the whole header information

Are you keen on testing these new features? Just have a look at:

  http://webcab.de/wwmm.htm  (for web browsers, HTML 4)

  http://webcab.de/wwmm.xhtml  (for mobile Internet devices, XHTML Basic)

  http://webcab.de/wwmm.wml  (for WAP browsers, WML 1.1)

All new features also have been implemented in the Service Provider Edition (WWMM SPE) and are provided to our customers without any extension fees.

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