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Bookmarks Everywhere supports XHTML Basic

WebCab.de's WAP and WWW service "Bookmarks Everywhere" allows you to access your bookmarks wherever you are and whichever browser you use. It stores your bookmarks on WebCab.de's server in the Internet. So, if you change your computer or your browser or your connection to the Internet, your bookmarks keep the same.

In order to support the future mobile Internet devices, that are able to render XHTML Basic pages, WebCab.de has implemented the third markup language in "Bookmarks Everywhere": XHTML Basic. This new version allows you, to choose a textual or a tabular layout. The textual layout has been optimised for devices with a low resolution, even if the browser supports tables. It prevents you from horizontal scrolling.

WebCab.de's "Bookmarks Everywhere" is once again the world wide first service of its kind, that supports XHTML Basic. The future is now!

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