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WWMM's web interface optimised for low-speed connections

If web surfers have only low speed Internet connections, they still want to have quick access to public and private information. Especially, if they want to check their POP3 mailbox or to send an e-mail without waiting for boring very well fashioned and graphically overloaded webmail services.

WebCab.de provides the webmail service "World Wide Mobile Mail" (WWMM) since 1999 optimised for the use over low-speed Internet connections and low-performance devices and browsers. Even devices with low resolution displays with wireless Internet access over cellular networks are appropriate devices to use WWMM.

WWMM supports three user interfaces using the mark-up languages HTML, WML and XHTML Basic. The HTML version for all kinds of web browsers has now also been optimised for wireless and low-performance devices. The layout fits into all sizes of web browser windows. It requires less HTML source code to be transmitted. The user can also choose the number of e-mails to be viewed and between a textual or tabular layout.

The URL for the new HTML version remains unchanged:


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