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Wireless SendMail supports sending of multiple e-mails

The most WAP browsers reside in small cellular phones with uncomfortable keyboards. It takes an unusual long time to enter a text even if it is relative short.

Wireless SendMail allows you to send e-mails using such uncomfortable devices wherever you are and whichever services your ISP provides. In order to easily send similar e-mails to different recipients Wireless SendMail now supports to continue writing an e-mail after it has been sent.

If you intend to send e-mails with the same body to different recipients, you don't longer need to re-enter the whole subject and body. After sending an e-mail you can now continue to write a next e-mail. If you only need to change the addressee and the address in the body then Wireless SendMail supports this task faster then ever before. Just change the text in all input fields, as you need. It might be faster to change a text than to re-enter the whole text.

If you want to send an e-mail with your WAP browser immediately, then you should go to:


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