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Customize World Wide Mobile Mail to the browser's capabilities

World Wide Mobile Mail (WWMM) allows you to manage your POP3 mailbox wherever you are and whichever browser and device you use. WWMM supports HTML, WML and XHTML Basic.

If you want to read an e-mail that is too big for your device's display or that takes too much time to be transmitted over a slow network connection, WWMM splits it into smaller sections or so-called chunks. Due to the fact, that WWMM doesn't know the display size and the performance of the network connection, WWMM cannot automatically adapt the chunk size. Therefore, WWMM now supports to customize the chunk size by the user. The user can choose the number of characters per e-mail chunk either in the login page or in the settings. The chunk size can be stored either in a bookmark or in a cookie together with the other user's preferences.

WWMM supports this new feature in the HTML and XHTML Basic versions:

  http://webcab.de/wwmm.htm  (for web browsers, HTML 4)

  http://webcab.de/wwmm.xhtml  (for mobile Internet devices, XHTML Basic)

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