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Newsfeeds Everywhere: The directory for RSS newsfeeds suitable for mobile Internet devices

Many web sites exist that provide news unaccessible by mobile devices. However, a growing number of free news services publish news headlines with short descriptions in the RDF Site Summary (RSS) format. In order to get access and read these newsfeeds, WebCab.de has developed the RSS newsfeed directory "Newsfeeds Everywhere" and the RSS to XHTML Basic converter "RSS2XHTML" suitable for mobile Internet devices.

Newsfeeds Everywhere provides an easy access to the world's free newsfeeds. The records are ordered by category. If a newsfeed provider publishes its news in a mobile Internet device friendly fashion, then it is marked as such. All other newsfeeds are at least usable as up-to-date news headlines resources or with standard web browsers via high-speed Internet connections only.

Due to the fact, that the RSS format is an XML application and cannot be rendered by web browsers, a converter is necessary. RSS2XHTML is WebCab.de's own implementation converting RSS 0.9, RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 newsfeeds to XHTML Basic. The converter's results are well designed for WAP 2.0 capable browsers as well as for standard web browsers and mobile Internet devices.

The newsfeeds' addresses in "Newsfeeds Everywhere" are actually links to RSS2XHTML, so that RSS2XHTML is directly used to convert the RSS newsfeeds without interruption for the user.

The new services' URL are:



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