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WWMM: now supporting i-mode mobile phones

After releasing WebCab.de's first service for i-mode1) capable mobile phones a few days ago, WebCab.de has started the second service for i-mode mobile phones on Friday: World Wide Mobile Mail (WWMM).

WWMM provides an HTML, WML, XHTML Basic as well as an i-mode compatible HTML browser interface to POP3 mailboxes whichever browser or device you use. WWMM supports the complete set of e-mail handling features like sending of new e-mails, replying, forwarding and deleting. File attachments can be viewed. It has been optimised for wireline as well as for wireless device use.

In order to get quick access to your mailbox, you can store your mailbox account including your preferences, like the number of e-mails in the content list and the chunk size for big e-mails, either in a cookie or in a local bookmark in your browser.

The URL for the i-mode compatible HTML version is:


1) i-mode is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo.

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