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Fetch Page with enhanced WML support

Fetch Page is a first-class testing tool for web application developers and on-line authors. It retrieves all kinds of formats from HTTP servers. It displays the source code and the HTTP response header that is never visible in standard web browsers. In case of HDML, HTML, WML, XHTML, XHTML Mobile Profile and XML pages, it displays its textual and graphical information. In addition, Fetch Page recognizes hyperlinks and other links to graphics and stylesheets and replaces them by hyperlinks to Fetch Page. This allows you to browse through subsequent pages by using Fetch Page.

Besides the support for basic authorization, restriction of redirects, imitation of tens of browser types and the limitation of content (i.e. MIME) types accepted, Fetch Page allows you to check the well-formedness and validity of XML documents. WML and XHTML pages and RSS newsfeeds are examples for XML documents that should always be valid XML documents.

After numerous feature enhancements in the last four years, WebCab.de has now implemented a better support for WML postfield and setvar elements. These elements are used to define the data to be transmitted to a server and to be stored in the WAP browser respectively. Especially in case of the HTTP POST method, Fetch Page now provides forms that easily allow you set the values for the variables to be sent in the HTTP request.

Are you interested in Fetch Page's new feature to check your WAP applications? Just use this URL: http://webcab.de/fetchpage.htm

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