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XHTML Mobile Profile Browsers' HTTP Headers

Many applications for mobile browsers consider the browser type for content adaptation. Due to the fact, that the number of browser vendors, types and releases with very different features is much bigger than often expected, a broad information source about all these browsers is required that needs to be kept up-to-date.

A typical web server's log file only gives hints on the HTTP header field "user-agent". If you need to know more than this, like "accept", or "accept-charset", then this information is hard to find.

WebCab.de provides the complete HTTP headers (see examples) for all XHTML Mobile Profile browsers that have hit WebCab.de's web server since February 2002.

In November 2008, 33822 unique HTTP headers combinations of 9489 XHTML Mobile Profile browsers are provided.

The initial delivery contains the complete set of unique HTTP headers (see examples). After that, monthly updates are provided. You can order as many updates as you like.

Prices and ordering details are provided at //webcab.de/xmpbhh.xhtml.

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