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Greven, Germany - Aug. 31th, 1999 Using's new service Wireless SendMail everyone with a WAP capable mobile device like the Nokia 7110 or the 3Com's Palm with a WAP browser is able to send e-mails free of charge to any e-mail address in the Internet.

The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is the evolving technique for mobile communications. WAP takes pattern from the world wide web and brings similar services to mobile devices with less computing power and small displays.

In contrary to the previous short message services in mobile communications systems's Wireless SendMail service offers a plain user interface. Wireless SendMail allows to send more than 160 characters altogether not like in the mobile communications system GSM.

"Now I can finally determine the sender's e-mail address", says Rainer Hillebrand's webmaster, "to which the replys might be sent. The replys are no longer truncated to 160 characters by the short message systems."

One more advantage: you can send one e-mail after the other without retyping the sender's address. Wireless SendMail takes it over.

As well known from desktop e-mail applications, Wireless SendMail also provides the possibility to send a carbon copy to a second e-mail address.

Wireless SendMail supports the up-to-date standard WML 1.1 which the WAP Forum ( has released end of June 1999. This release is going to be world wide supported by all major mobile network operators.

If you would like to test Wireless SendMail you can point your WAP browser to:

More information can be directly called for from the's webmaster (Contact). Or you take a seat and dive into the WAP world of at:

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