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Have you ever seen the following code in a sample card?
<card id="card1" title="Currency" newcontext="true">

If you set the attribute newcontext to "true" the browser context is cleared including the history stack. This means that the user cannot go back to the previous card or deck. Is this what you want to perform? It is very complicated to type in a URL. So, don't stress the WAP user with this attribute!

If you want to clear some variables in order to have a certain state of the browser then do the following.

<card id="myID" title="Title">
<onevent type="onenterforward">
<setvar name="some_var1" value=" "/>
<setvar name="some_var2" value=" "/>

The Ericsson WapIDE 2.0B1, UP.SDK 3.2 and Nokia WAP Toolkit 1.2 can reset a variable with value="". This does not work in the Nokia WAP Toolkit 1.1. There you need to set a variable to a space. If you operate a server side script you must delete this leading space in the variable's value after parsing this variable.

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