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Wrong test tool

Shall all current and future WAP browsers be able to render your WML decks? If yes, then you should use a test tool which examines if your WML decks are valid XML documents. The W3C explains in the XML 1.0 recommendation which rules must be met.

One of the rules is: "An XML document is valid if it has an associated document type declaration and if the document complies with the constraints expressed in it." All valid XML documents are also well-formed which means that the syntax is correct, for instance.

In order to publish WML decks which cause as less problems as possible you should use a test tool which checks if your WML decks are valid XML documents. There are some free and commercial XML validators on the market which you may use. If you would ask us how we validate our WML decks then we would answer:

  1. We use the Nokia WAP Toolkit 1.2 and Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.1 for the WAP applications development.
  2. We use our own XML validators "Fetch Page" and "Verify my XML" if we check submissions to our "Wireless Web Entry" or validate static WML decks.

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