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Missing end tag

The syntax for WML elements is defined as such that a start tag must be closed with an end tag:

<tag>this is the content</tag>

<tag> is the start tag, </tag> is the end tag. The slash in the end tag must be placed in front of the tag name.

An empty element consists of only one tag without content:


The slash in an empty element must be placed behind the tag's name.

Since WML is an XML language, at least the syntax of a WML deck must be correct. All start tags in a WML deck must be closed with an end tag. Otherwise, WAP gateways will probably detect such an error and will respond with "malformed content" or "WML deck cannot be displayed".

If you don't have the right tool to check your WML decks then we suggest to use WebCab.de's on-line tool Fetch Page.

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