WebCab.de: WAP User Agents

Webmasters like to know which kind of browsers are used to retrieve their pages. However, the HTTP header field "user-agent" does not necessarily provide a lot of information about the browser, the mobile device if applicable and its manufacturer. Therefore, WebCab.de wants to help to identify the WAP browsers. The table below references some entries of WebCab.de's server log files.

HTTP header field "user-agent" Device Browser Manufacturer
4thpass KBrowser/2.1   KBrowser 2.1 4thpass.com
4thpass KBrowser/2.1 j2me   KBrowser 2.1 4thpass.com
4thpass.com KBrowser 1.0   KBrowser 1.0 4thpass.com
ABRAXAS-EURIT4000 Eurit4000   Ascom
ACER-Pro80/1.02 UP/4.1.20i UP.Browser/4.1.20i-XXXX      
Alcatel-BE3/1.0 UP/4.1.8h     Alcatel
Alcatel-BE4/1.0 UP/4.1.19e     Alcatel
Alcatel-BE5/1.5 UP/4.1.19e     Alcatel
Alcatel-BF3/1.0 UP.Browser/4.1.23a     Alcatel
Alcatel-BF4/1.0 UP.Browser/4.1.23a     Alcatel
Alcatel-BF5/1.0 UP.Browser/     Alcatel
Alcatel-BG3/1.0 UP.Browser/     Alcatel
AnnyWay WAP/1.2   Anny Way WAP Browser Anny Way
Aptus WAP.INFO.PL search engine      
BlackBerry/3.5.0     Research In Motion (RIM)
Boonda WAP Browser 1.0      
ccWAP-Browser   ccWAP-Browser CheckCom
EricssonA2618s/R1A A2618   Ericsson
EricssonA2628s/R2A A2628   Ericsson
EricssonR320/R1A R320s   Ericsson
EricssonR520/R201 R520   Ericsson
EricssonT20/R2A T20   Ericsson
EricssonT39/R201 T39   Ericsson
EricssonT65/R101 T65   Ericsson
EricssonT68/R101 T68   Ericsson
EzWAPBrowser1.0-WAP   EzWAP EZOS
HCI-HGC610E/001.1a UP/4.1.20i      
HD-MMD1010/001.1a UP/4.1.20i      
HD-TX20B001.1a/ UP/4.1.20i      
HEI-HGC610E/001.1a UP/4.1.20i      
jBrowser   jBrowser Jataayu
jBrowser-Desktop   jBrowser Jataayu
jBrowser-J2ME   jBrowser Jataayu
jBrowser-WAP   jBrowser Jataayu
Jingo Wapd 2.2      
Klondike/1.50   Klondike Apache Software Consulting
LGE-DB520/1.0 UP.Browser/4.1.22b1      
m-crawler/1.0 WAP      
m-crawler/2.5 WAP (m-crawler@m-find.com; http://m-find.com)      
Materna-WAPPreview 1.2.1     Dr. Materna
MC218 2.0 WAP1.1 MC218   Ericsson
Mitsu/1.1.A Trium   Mitsubishi
Mitsu/1.2.A (Eclipse)     Mitsubishi
MobileExplorer/3.00 (Mozilla/1.22; compatible; MMEF300; Microsoft; Windows; GenericLarge)     Microsoft
MO02 UP/4.1.17r      
MOCOCO's WapBrowser      
MOT-2000./10.01 UP/4.1.21b     Motorola
MOT-2100./11.03 UP.Browser/4.1.24f     Motorola
MOT-2102./11.03 UP.Browser/4.1.24f     Motorola
MOT-28/04.02 UP/4.1.17r     Motorola
MOT-32/01.00 UP.Browser/4.1.23     Motorola
MOT-40/04.04 UP/4.1.17r     Motorola
MOT-43/04.05 UP/4.1.17r     Motorola
MOT-61/04.02 UP/4.1.17r     Motorola
MOT-62/04.05 UP/4.1.17r UP.Browser/4.1.17r-XXXX     Motorola
MOT-70/00.01 UP/4.1.21b     Motorola
MOT-76/00.01 UP.Browser/4.1.23     Motorola
MOT-AF/0.0.22 UP/4.0.5n TIMEPORT P7389i   Motorola
MOT-AF/4.1.8 UP/4.1.16s TIMEPORT 260   Motorola
MOT-C2/4.1.8 UP/4.1.16s     Motorola
MOT-C4/0.0.21 UP/4.0.5m TALKABOUT T2288   Motorola
MOT-C4/4.1.8 UP/4.1.16s TALKABOUT T2288   Motorola
MOT-CB/0.0.21 UP/4.0.5m TIMEPORT P7389   Motorola
MOT-CF/00.26.31 UP/4.1.16f     Motorola
MOT-D1/0.0.22 UP/4.0.5n     Motorola
MOT-D3/0.0.22 UP/4.0.5n     Motorola
MOT-D5/0.0.22 UP/4.0.5n     Motorola
MOT-D8/4.1.8 UP/4.1.16s     Motorola
MOT-DC/4.1.9 UP/4.1.19i     Motorola
MOT-DD/0.0.22 UP/4.0.5n     Motorola
MOT-DF/0.0.22 UP/4.0.5n     Motorola
MOT-F0/4.1.8 UP/4.1.16s     Motorola
MOT-F4/4.1.7 UP/4.1.16p     Motorola
MOT-F5/4.1.9 UP.Browser/4.1.23c     Motorola
MOT-F6/10.36.32 UP.Browser/4.1.23d Accompli 008   Motorola
MOT-P2K-C/10.01 UP/4.1.21b     Motorola
MOT-PAN4_/11.03 UP.Browser/4.1.23c T280   Motorola
MOT-PHX4_/11.03 UP.Browser/4.1.23c     Motorola
MOT-SAP4_/11.03 UP.Browser/4.1.23c V66   Motorola
MOT-SAP8A/11.03 UP.Browser/4.1.23c     Motorola
MOT-T280M/02.27.00I MIB/1.2 T280   Motorola
MOT-T720/G_05.31.05R MIB/2.0 Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0 T720   Motorola
MOT-v200./10.01 UP/4.1.21b UP.Browser/4.1.21b-XXXX     Motorola
MOT-V708_/11.03 UP.Browser/4.1.23c     Motorola
Mozilla/1.22 (compatible; MMEF20; CellPhone; Benefon Q) Benefon Q   Benefon
Mozilla/1.22 (compatible; MMEF20; Cellphone; Sony CMD-J5) CMD-J5   Sony
Mozilla/1.22 (compatible; MMEF20; Cellphone; Sony CMD-J7/J70) CMD-J7/J70   Sony
Mozilla/1.22 (compatible; MMEF20; Cellphone; Sony CMD-Z5) CMD-Z5   Sony
Mozilla/1.22 (compatible; MMEF20; Cellphone; Sony CMD-Z7) CMD-Z7   Sony
Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; Go.Web/6.2; HandHTTP 1.1; Elaine/1.0; RIM957 ) RIM957   RIM
NEC-N8/1.0 UP.Browser/ (GUI) MMP/1.0     NEC
Nokia 7110 v0.13 (compatible; YOSPACE SmartPhone Emulator 1.0)     YOSPACE
Nokia-MIT-Browser/3.0   Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.0 Nokia
Nokia-WAP-Toolkit/2.0   Nokia WAP Toolkit Nokia
Nokia-WAPToolkit/1.2 googlebot(at)googlebot.com     Google
Nokia3330/1.0 (03.05) 3330   Nokia
Nokia3350/1.0 (05.11) 3350   Nokia
Nokia3360/1.2.1 (1.04) 3360   Nokia
Nokia5510/1.0 (03.42) 5510   Nokia
Nokia6210/1.0 (03.01) 6210   Nokia
Nokia6250/1.0 6250   Nokia
Nokia6310/1.0 (03.03) 6310   Nokia
Nokia6510/1.0 (02.40) 6510   Nokia
Nokia7110/1.0   Nokia WAP SDK Nokia
Nokia7110/1.0 (04.77) 7110   Nokia
Nokia7110 (DeckIt/1.2.3)      
Nokia7160/1.1 (01.07) 7160   Nokia
Nokia7210/1.0 (81.73) 7210   Nokia
Nokia7650/1.0 Symbian-QP/6.1 Nokia/2.1 7650   Nokia
Nokia8310/1.0 (04.04) 8310   Nokia
Nokia9110/1.0 9110i   Nokia
Nokia 9210/Symbian Crystal 6.0 (1.00) 9210   Nokia
Nokia9210/1.0 Symbian-Crystal/6.0 9210   Nokia
Nokia9210/2.0 Symbian-Crystal/6.1 Nokia/2.1 9210   Nokia
OPWV1/4.0 UP/ (GUI) UP.Browser/ (GUI)-XXXX   Openwave SDK WAP Edition 5.0 Openwave
Panasonic WAP     Panasonic
Panasonic-GAD35/1.0 UP.Browser/4.1.22j GD35   Panasonic
Panasonic-GAD75     Panasonic
Panasonic-GAD95     Panasonic
PHILIPS-Az@lis288/2.1 UP/4.1.19m     Philips
PHILIPS-Fisio311/2.1 UP/4.1.19m     Philips
PHILIPS-Ozeo UP/4.1.16r     Philips
PHILIPS-V21WAP UP/4.1.16r     Philips
PHILIPS-VTHIN_WAP UP/4.1.16r     Philips
PHILIPS-Xenium9@9 UP/4.1.16r     Philips
PLM's WapBrowser      
portalmmm/1.0 n21i-10(c10) n21i   NEC
QC-2255/1.0.08 UP.Browser/4.1.22b1      
QC07 UP.Browser/4.1.22b      
QC2135 UP.Browser/4.1.22b      
QWAPPER/1.0 Compaq Aero   Compaq
R380 2.0 WAP1.1 R380   Ericsson
Rainbow/3.0   Mobile Internet Toolkit (Mobile Browser Simulator) Nokia
Rover 3.11 (RIM Handheld; Mobitex; OS v. 2.1) Blackberry Neomar Microbrowser Neomar
SAGEM-3XXX/0.0 UP/4.1.19is     SAGEM
SAGEM-9XX/0.0 UP/4.1.16g     SAGEM
SAMSUNG-SGH-A110/1.0 UP/4.1.19k     Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-A200/1.0 UP/4.1.19k SGH-A200   Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-A288/1.0 UP/4.1.19k SGH-A288   Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-A300/1.0 UP/4.1.19k SGH-A300   Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-N100/1.0 UP/4.1.19k SGH-N100   Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-N188/1.0 UP/4.1.19k SGH-N188   Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-N400 UP/4.1.19k SGH-N400   Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-Q100/1.0 UP/4.1.19k SGH-Q100   Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-R200/1.0 UP/4.1.19k SGH-R200   Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-R200S/1.0 UP/4.1.19k SGH-R200S   Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-R210S/1.0 UP/4.1.19k SGH-R210S   Samsung
SAMSUNG-SGH-R220/1.0 UP/4.1.19k SGH-R220   Samsung
Sanyo-C304SA/2.0 UP/4.1.20e     Sanyo
Sanyo-SCP5000/1.1b UP.Browser/4.1.23a     Sanyo
SEC02 UP.Browser/4.1.22b N200   Samsung
SEC03 UP.Browser/4.1.22c1 SPH-i300   Samsung
SEC07 UP.Browser/4.1.22b      
SEC09 UP.Browser/4.1.22b      
SHARP-TQ-GX12/1.0 Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0 UP.Browser/ (GUI) MMP/1.0     Sharp
SIE-3618/01 UP.Browser/ (GUI)     Siemens
SIE-6618/01 UP.Browser/ (GUI)     Siemens
SIE-6688/3.1 UP/4.1.19i     Siemens
SIE-C3I/1.0 UP/4.1.8b C35, C35i   Siemens
SIE-C45/06 UP.Browser/ (GUI) C45   Siemens
SIE-IC35/1.0 IC35   Siemens
SIE-ME45/06 UP.Browser/ (GUI) ME45   Siemens
SIE-P35/1.0 P35   Siemens
SIE-S35/1.0 UP/4.1.8 S35, S35i   Siemens
SIE-S40/2.3 UP/4.1.16r S40   Siemens
SIE-S45/06 UP.Browser/ (GUI) S45   Siemens
SIE-S55/05 UP.Browser/ (GUI) MMP/1.0 S55   Siemens
SIE-SL45/3.1 UP/4.1.19i SL45   Siemens
SIE-SLIK/3.1 UP/4.1.19i     Siemens
SonyEricssonP800/R101 Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0 P800   Sony Ericsson
SonyEricssonT200/R101 T200   Sony Ericsson
SonyEricssonT300/R201 T300   Sony Ericsson
SonyEricssonT68/R201A T68   Sony Ericsson
TF Search robot      
UP.Browser   phone.com UP.SDK phone.com
UPG1 UP/4.0 (compatible; Blazer 1.0)   Blazer Handspring
UPG1 UP/4.0.7   phone.com UP.Simulator phone.com
Wapalizer/1.1   Wapalizer gelon.net
WapIDE-SDK/2.0   WapIDE Ericsson
WAPJAG Virtual WAP Device V1.12     WAPJAG.COM
WAPJAG Virtual WAP Robot V1.09     WAPJAG.COM
WAPman Version 1.6   WAPman virtuacom.com
WapOnWindows 1.0      
Wapsilon - www.wapsilon.com - wappy.to - www.kronkel.com   Wapsilon Kronkel
Wapsilon/2.1 - <b><big> W A P S I L O N </big></b> v2.1 (www.wapsilon.com)   Wapsilon Kronkel
Waptor 1.0      
WapView 1.02      
wapworm/1.11 (wapworm@wapaw.com http://wapaw.com/)     WAPAW.COM
Webmonkey/0.2 NoComment      
WinWAP 2.2 WML 1.1   WinWAP Slob-Trot Software Oy Ab
WinWAP 2.3 Light   WinWAP Slob-Trot Software Oy Ab
WinWAP 2.3 PRO   WinWAP Slob-Trot Software Oy Ab
WinWAP 3.0 PRO   WinWAP Slob-Trot Software Oy Ab
WinWAP for Pocket PC 1.1   WinWAP Slob-Trot Software Oy Ab
YourWap/1.16   Wireless Companion YOURWAP.com
YOURWAP.com Wireless Companion   Wireless Companion YOURWAP.com

The list above is only a subset of the WAP browsers known by WebCab.de.

An authentic dataset of an HTTP request may contain information like:

accept: application/vnd.wap.wmlc, application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc, image/vnd.wap.wbmp, application/vnd.wap.wtls-ca-certificate, image/gif, text/plain, text/x-vCard, text/x-vCalendar, application/x-NokiaGameData,text/vnd.wap.wml,text/vnd.wap.wmlscript
accept-charset: ISO-8859-1, UTF-8; Q=0.8, ISO-10646-UCS-2; Q=0.6
accept-language: en
connection: close
host: webcab.de
if-modified-since: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 15:21:55 GMT
user-agent: Nokia8310/1.0 (04.53)
via: WTP/1.1 iswg1ldv (Nokia Artuse WAP Gateway 3.0/ECD9/1.2.89)
x-network-info: GPRS,unsecured
x-nokia-bearer: GPRS
x-nokia-connection-mode: CMODE
x-wap-tod-coded: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

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