The URL of the WAP site that you would like to visit. You can omit the method. Example: or lead to the same result.
WCL can imitate a lot of WAP browsers. The HTTP header variable USER_AGENT is used to set these browser types. If you select the option '---' Wireless Cruiser Lite uses its own user agent type. The following WAP browsers can be imitated:
1. Ericsson MC 218
2. Ericsson R320
3. Ericsson R380
4. Ericsson WapIDE
5. Motorola TALKABOUT T2288
6. Motorola TIMEPORT P7389
7. Nokia 7110 (04.70)
8. Nokia 7110 (04.84)
9. Nokia WAP Toolkit 1.2
10. Siemens C35i
11. Siemens S35i
12. Sony CMD-Z5
13. UP.Browser 3.1
14. UP.Browser 4.0
15. WinWAP 2.2
MIME type:
A WAP browser can accept specific MIME types or content types. The HTTP header variable ACCEPT can be set to the following MIME types:
1. --- (not set)
2. WML 1.1 (text/vnd.wap.wml)
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