Source Code's Wireless Cruiser Lite consists of several parts:

In order to help other WAP developers to understand XSLT and how to deal with WML has published the source code of the XSLT style sheet. You can download it free of charge from the link below.

Download wcl.xsl, version 0.08, 2001-03-30

Permission is granted to use and modify this style sheet so long as the copyright is maintained, modifications are documented, and credit is given for any use of this style sheet.


0.08 2001-03-30
Standalone options and options inside <optgroup> are converted into another HTML style.
0.07 2000-10-01
The table's cell that contains all WML paragraphs is now classified as 'wml'.
0.06 2000-09-26
<xsl:apply-templates> is now used inside table cells
0.05 2000-09-24
First public version
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