Your name
Your name is hyperlinked to WebCab.de's service "Wireless Feedback" so that your visitors can send an e-mail to your e-mail address. It is the e-mail address which you have provided for your personal WebCab.de account.
The headline is displayed as the first line of your Wireless Home.
The sub-headline is placed below the headline.
Do you want the headlines centered?
The headline and the sub-headline can be centered.
The body is the main part of your Wireless Home. The body should not contain more than 500 to 600 characters in order to easily scroll down the WML deck.
Bullets in body
You may define if bullets shall be inserted before each paragraph of the body.
Header of the links list
Three hyperlinks may be given by you. The headline for this links list can be selected.
Three hyperlinks with their URL and their name may be provided by you.
Horizontal lines
The header, the body and the links list can be separated by a horizontal line.
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