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Wireless Feedback Variables

Name of your feedback service
Body text
Carbon copy e-mail address
Sender's e-mail address
URL to a help file with more information than provided in the standard help text.
Title of all decks, e.g. your company name
Addressee's e-mail address
URL to the following deck after the e-mail has been sent
wsmfm1.jpg (4482 Byte)

The variables c and f are not displayed. The sender does not know to which e-mail addresses his e-mails are sent.

The variable f can be preset with a dummy e-mail address to indicate that the user shall enter his e-mail address.

wsmfm2.jpg (4358 Byte) The variables s and b can be set to some text which helps you to see to which deck the user refers to.
wsmfm3.jpg (4796 Byte) This is the deck with some basic help information for which purpose this feedback form can be used for and the fields From, Subject and Body. If Options -> More is selected in a WAP browser, a link to the URL for more help information (variable h) is fetched.
wsmfm4.jpg (4039 Byte)

The resulting deck after sending the e-mail contains a menu to send a new e-mail or to go to variable p which has a hyperlink to the URL of the variable u:

<anchor>variable p<go href="variable u"></go></anchor>

The user can directly go to your company's WAP site after using the feedback service.

wsmfm5.jpg (4210 Byte) The resulting deck also contains a hint on the provider of this service.
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