Exit your web browser after using WWMM or somebody else may be able to access your mailbox using your browser. Your account data for your mailbox are stored in each HTML page in an encrypted string.

You do not need an account for WWMM. You only need an account for a WWMM independent mailbox of any Internet Service Provider which can be accessed via the Internet.

Input fields in the login form

POP3 Mail Server
Address of your POP3 mail server.
Your username or login for your mailbox.
Your password for your mailbox.
Secret password transmission using MD5, needs to be supported by your mail server.
Textual or tabular layout of all pages. The textual layout should be chosen for small display sizes like Pocket PC.
E-Mails per page
Number of e-mails in the content list (inbox).
Sort listing by
The content list (inbox) can be sorted by date, sender's address (from), subject or size.
Sort order
The sorting of the content list can either be ascending or descending.
Chunk size
A big e-mail is splitted into smaller chunks. This is the number of characters presented in each chunk.
Open Mailbox
Open the mailbox according to your data in the fields above.
Prepare Bookmark
Prepare the URL with the mailbox account data and seetings for bookmarking.
Check Cookie
Verify if a cookie has been stored in the browser and indicate, which data have been stored. The password won't be shown.

Security stores the POP3 mail server address and username in encrypted form (one-way hash) to control the number of e-mails sent within the last 24 hours. No other information is stored besides the common logging information of the WWW server serving
If you store some of your account data in a bookmark and use it, then these data are visible in the WWW server's log file as plain text data. Therefore, the use of a cookie might be more secret from this point of view.


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