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Bookmarking WWMM
If you don't like to enter your mail server's address and username and other settings for each access to your mailbox, then you can store these data in a bookmark. You only need to use the following URL and replace the strings "YOUR_MAIL_SERVER" and "YOUR_USERNAME" by your personal data.
If you activate your bookmark to WWMM in your browser, these data will already be entered in the corresponding input fields in the HTML or WML pages. Then, you only need to enter the password.

  For WAP browsers:;l=YOUR_USERNAME

  For WWW browsers:

In order to automatically prepare the URL containing the mail server's name, your username and the other settings for bookmarking, WWMM provides the feature "Prepare Bookmark" on WWMM's front page. If you enter your mailbox data and select your preferred settings before you activate "Prepare Bookmark", then these data will be taken over in the URL to be bookmarked.

Since nobody in likes to read your whole account data in the server's log file, WWMM doesn't support to provide the password in the URL. Even if you would include the password in the URL, it will be ignored by WWMM. You can still use this method, but you will get an error message and are asked to provide your password.

If you don't like to enter a long URL into your WAP browser, you can also use's personal service "Bookmarks Everywhere", with which you can administrate your browser independent bookmarks to web and WAP sites in your standard WWW browser.

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